Tired of enduring the hot summers and unpredictable winters in Hemphill, Texas without a high quality air conditioning and heating system? At Higginbotham Air Conditioning & Sheet Metal, we have the unparalleled expertise and experience necessary to install a brand new indoor comfort system, repair or perform maintenance on your existing system, and more.


When you call Higginbotham Air Conditioning to your residential or commercial property in Hemphill, you’re enlisting the services of a company that has been in the air conditioning business since 1964. We understand what the people of Texas need when it comes to their indoor comfort – that’s why we’ve built and maintained a phenomenal record of quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

Thanks to our decades of service, we’ve developed a penchant for using state of the art equipment and an exceptional attention to detail. We have the capacity to clean, tune, or repair your air conditioning better than our competition could dream to accomplish. We also offer metal roof installation and seamless gutter installation services to create a total defense system for your property against the harshest weather conditions in East Texas. And when it comes to finding the right heating and cooling system for your residential or commercial property in Hemphill, we know how to identify the right system for your property that promises to endure for many years to come.

Metal Roofing & Gutter Installation

Whether you want a brand new HVAC system for your Hemphill, Texas home or business, maintenance or repairs on your existing system like thorough duct cleaning and more, metal roof installation, and seamless gutter installation services, Higginbotham is your go-to air conditioning service provider ready to take your call. For more information on the HVAC services we provide near the Hemphill area, contact Higginbotham Air Conditioning & Sheet Metal today!


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